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Dubai: Unnaturally natural !

Dubai is a true paradise for tourists wanting to explore tourism, fun and entertainment. Amazing shopping, great food and dazzling night life being its major crowd puller. It has not only got rugged mountains and dessert but also one of the finest man made beaches. The vast collection of flowers in Miracle garden might out number the books kept in a school library. Recently the city inaugurated one of the world class man made creation in the form of a Race Course, exhibiting the charisma of Dubai tourism. 
This blog will now take you to a virtual tour of Dubai which will help you plan your next holiday.

Travel period: October-April
Dubai currency: Dirham
Airline: Air India, Emirates, Jet Airways 
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Street shopping in Mumbai made easier.

Photo: Holidify.com

The first thing which comes to my mind when I hear about Mumbai is its perpetual traffic, daily hustle bustle, fast lifestyle etc. In a way the title earned by this city as 'The City never sleeps' is so true. It is endless discussing about Mumbai and its lifestyle. But I am here to share some positives of the city too. While there are many good things to share, this blog will help you as a guide for some exciting shopping areas of Mumbai. In case you happen to be in Mumbai, you can plan a visit  any of these shopping places whichever is closer to your destination.

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