London’s Top 5 Instagramable spots!

Bored taking same selfies on the mountains, valleys, cliffs, beaches, around lush greenery etc? Have you had enough of these in your previous holidays? Looking for a destination which is trendy, chic, and upmarket, has none of the cliches and yet becomes a preferred holiday destination? If you nodded positively, you simply have to head to London in your next holiday and get clicked at some of the best tourist attractions.
Some icing on the cake, these attractions are absolutely FREE! Imagine planning a holiday at one of the most expensive tourist destinations, getting sublime selfies, which then becomes your next Instagram story. This certainly will be your most memorable holiday.
Remember this is just small Instagramable guide of London. The city has lot more to offer its tourists. London is quite rich in history, architecture, shopping, and food and night life. To know complete guide of the city read Places to visit in London. One can even club Scotland along with London holiday. T…

5 things to know before traveling to Cuba

Cuba is a growing tourism destination in the Caribbean. In fact, the top solo female travel destination in 2018 was Cuba (according to HostelWorld). However, despite its popularity, it remains a slightly unusual destination, with a lot of quirks that might be frustrating to an unprepared traveler. Here are five things you should know before going to Cuba.
Do your research:

The appeal of Cuba is not only its sandy beaches and colonial architecture but precisely the fact that it is different from most other countries. Before you go read up on where you are going. Find out what things you can do in Havana in 2019 and some of the history of the country.
Learn some (basic) Spanish:
Learning some basic Spanish words will make your life easier. Not everybody speaks English, and being able to communicate basic things with everyone is useful. Moreover, Cubans have their own slang that is different from Spanish in most other places. It might be useful to familiarise yourself with it before you go t…

Hongkong: Entertainment, food and shopping

Hongkong is a part of Chinese territory with a blend of cultural diversity. Majority of the population here is Cantonese. The place is known for its incredible skyline and huge skyscrapers. Almost a decade back Hongkong didn't feature as a preferred tourist destination, however now this destination has a lot more to offer its tourists. 
In case a European or US holiday is cutting a deep hole into your pocket, then I would recommend to settle with a Hongkong and Macau holiday. You will surely not regret!
Travel Period: 1)Honkong is a year round destination, however best time is between Oct-Dec when the temperature is cool and pleasant 2) Avoid summers which is between May-Sept as it is quite hot and humid  Currency: Hongkong Dollar (HKD) Culture: Majority Cantonese along with Chinese, British and Jews
Start your trip with the amazing theme parks in the city.
Hongkong Disneyland: In case adventure, thrill and rides excites you, HKDL will make you go crazy. The rides are entertaining and…

Get natures treat in Kerala!

My blog on Munnar describes briefly on how to go about planning an exclusive Munnar trip. However this blog will give a detailed itinerary about Alleppey, Thekkady, Wayanad & Cochin. Kerala is truly a natures treat that provides a proof of Incredible Indiawith a combination of nature, wild life, South India's traditional art, water sports and much more. 
Travel period: November to February Airport: Cochin and Trivandrum 

Munnar, the Kashmir of Kerala!

India has a diverse landscape that boasts of hilly mountains, scenic beaches, historical palaces, forts, artistic temples, snowy hills and much more. Its varied cultural diversity, traditions and languages truly makes an ‘Incredible India’.

How to make the most of your Leh holiday?

Interested to enter a Paradise on earth? Then start planning a Leh & Ladakh trip soon. Well there is a lot which is said and written about this incredible destination, however experiencing it by yourself will give you a different high!
Leh & Ladakh which is in the northern part of India truly makes 'Incredible India'. The larger than life mountains, the clear skies, sparkling lakes and the one of its kind Tibetan culture will make you fall in love with this place.

Travel period: September to October
How to travel: Good connectivity by Air & road
Adventure enthusiasts can take the bike route. However, I would suggest to check the routes before travelling.
Travel Tip: You will need minimum one day to get acclimatised with the climatic condition

Dubai: Unnaturally natural !

Dubai is a true paradise for tourists wanting to explore tourism, fun and entertainment. Amazing shopping, great food and dazzling night life being its major crowd puller. It has not only got rugged mountains and dessert but also one of the finest man made beaches. The vast collection of flowers in Miracle garden might out number the books kept in a school library. Recently the city inaugurated one of the world class man made creation in the form of a Race Course, exhibiting the charisma of Dubai tourism.  This blog will now take you to a virtual tour of Dubai which will help you plan your next holiday.

Travel period: October-April
Dubai currency: Dirham
Airline: Air India, Emirates, Jet Airways