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Places to visit on your Maldives holiday

Sailing through the unseen and unprecedented times of Pandemic followed by lockdown, life slowly started getting back to normal. Little did we know that Covid-19 would become a part of our lives, individuals had already gathered courage and pulled up their life gears to set the ball rolling. Having said so, how can the travel bug inside us stay silent? The Air Bubble arrangement by the Indian External Affairs Ministry has finally given wings to all the travel aspirations which had taken a back seat for a brief period.

Talking about the Maldives, it is one of the first International destinations to open up for tourism and is undoubtedly one of the most exotic islands to experience. The white sandy beaches, picturesque blue lagoons, spectacular marine life, and luxurious water villas simply make this archipelago look like a painted picture. Synonym to a honeymoon destination, Maldives has a changed perception now, which offers a complete package for families, adventure seekers, architecture enthusiasts, foodies, and shopaholics.

Here is a complete guide to making the most of the Maldives holiday and various places to visit.

International Airport: Velana International Airport
Travel Period: November to February
Currency: Maldivian Rufiyaa
Culture: Majorly Islam

As soon as you land in Male, the pleasant sight of this capital city will embark you on a fun-filled holiday. Very different from the usual perception of Maldives, Male is a densely populated city surrounded by tall and colourful buildings on one side and turquoise blue water on the other. With the absence of swanky seaside resorts, infinity pools, etc., Male doesn't become unfavourable even a bit, on the contrary, it is one of the most visited places of Maldives. Visiting heritage museums, scenic parks, beautiful art galleries, and mosques will be one of the best experiences of Maldives. Another feather on the cap for the city is the artificial crescent-shaped beach which offers thrilling activities such as snorkeling, underwater scooter riding, kayaking, and lots more. Lastly, Male visit is incomplete without relishing the local food in some of the best restaurants and cafes in the city.

Places to visit: Friday Mosque, Tsunami Monument, National Museum, Sultan park

TIP: Visit Male before proceeding to your resort. One full day is enough to cover major attractions

Banana Reef:
To all the diving enthusiasts, head straight to Banana reef! It is considered as one of the first and best diving spots not only in the Maldives but also in the world. Not just this, adventure junkies can quench their thirst here by experiencing the thrill of scuba diving, snorkeling & jet skiing. The island which has a unique banana shape when seen from the top is blessed with rich marine life, amazing corals, and spectacular cliffs. Marine lovers, kids, and youngsters would be delighted to watch various colourful species of fish such as squirrelfish, bannerfish, grouper, sharks, barracudas, etc. In the evening simply take a stroll on the shore or laze around on the shacks, embracing the pleasant breeze alongside the calm and tranquil currents.

COMO Cocoa Island:
When in the Maldives, not visiting COMO Cocoa Island is equal to returning from a holiday without clicking any pictures. In short, one of the prettiest islands, COMO Cocoa is known for its swanky and luxurious water villas. Surrounded by 33 water villas and a series of resorts this can be an apt location for honeymoon couples, partygoers, baby boomers, and families looking for a quiet and serene atmosphere. While being submerged in experiencing the five-star treatment, do not forget to take a dip in the waters and trying snorkeling, scuba diving, and capturing your best moments at infinity-edge bathtubs. To sum up taking a stroll on the powdery cotton-like sand alongside the azure blue water, followed by a rejuvenating Spa retreat and sumptuous dinner will be a perfect thing to unwind.

Bioluminescent Beach:
In a bid to explore something new and uncommon in the Maldives, your encounter with the bioluminescent beach will be one of the most memorable ones. Having attained a lot of popularity due to its unique feature of glowing blue dots in the dark waters, visitors often throng here to get a glimpse of this Sea of Stars. While this may sound mystical, a marine microorganism named plankton is responsible for producing this vibrant blue light under the sky. As the sun sets in and the sky goes dark, these planktons gradually start settling themselves on the shore, making the shore glow like a diamond. This phenomenon may easily pass as magic for first-time visitors as if stars have made their way down the sea. It truly is a satisfying experience and a perfect place to spend overnight.

How to reach: The beach is a part of Vadhoo Island and around 8 km away from Male 

Hulhumale Island:
If the natural beauty of Maldives made you go awestruck, then hold your breath as there is tough competition from an artificial island too. To declutter the capital city Male, the authorities planned for this small island, which eventually became one of the most visited places of Maldives. Despite being artificial, the look and feel of the island is quite natural and has everything that a tourist looks for. With a decorated view of palm trees, tidy beaches, clear waters, and green architecture, Hulhumale is a perfect amalgamation of modern and island lifestyle. Located close to the airport, this can be a good option for a night stay either before or after the trip.

1) Shopaholics can explore the Centro Mall, which has everything under one roof

2) It has a central park which can be a good bet if you are done with water and sand

3) Dolphin watching is an option that is a little away from the cost
Island follows strict guidelines for proper dressing and drinking is prohibited too on the island except inside the resorts.

Maafushi Island:
The beauty of Maafushi is so fascinating that the calm waters, sandy beaches, a variety of water sports, and the overall scenic view will coax you to stay there forever. Away from the hustle-bustle of the city life couple of days well spent in Maafushi will surely soothe your senses. Due to its unbeatable beauty and serene view, it is a favourite hotspot for couples and honeymooners. Moreover, if sunbathing and donning swimwear was on your agenda head straight to the Bikini beach which is away from all the commercial beaches that are usually loaded with many dos and don'ts. Ladies can flaunt their bikinis and men can go topless or simply lounge around on the beach. The island is also known for having various luxurious and swanky resorts that offer lip-smacking local cuisine.      


How to reach: Take ferryboat from Male. Takes approx. 90 mins to reach Maafushi             


1)Drinking is prohibited on the island. For those who would like to indulge can take the floating bar that is like a boat ride away from the port
2)This island has turquoise blue water and water sports are quite fun here. Do take time out for sunbath, snorkeling, scuba, etc
3)Tourists can also experience fishing which would be a good stress-buster

Sun Island:
Commonly referred to as Nalaguraidhoo Island, Sun Island is one of the most visited places of Maldives. Embellished with lush greenery, sparkling blue waters, white powdery sand, and charming colourful flowers, words simply cannot describe this dreamland. Tourists come here to embrace the warmth of nature and experience its impeccable beauty. Not only this, the array of luxury resorts will spoil you with choices and will make this one of the most memorable visits to the Maldives. Photographers and videographers will simply go gaga over its beauty, as they take back some breath-taking pictures and videos, which can be cherished forever. Much like most of the islands adventure junkies can make the most of various water sports even here.

How to reach: Take a domestic flight from Male to Sun Island. Distance is around 100kms

TIP: Sun Island Resort is one of the biggest and best resorts in the country. Do plan a visit here to experience absolute bliss and pleasure. 

Emboodhu Finolhu Island:
The famous tag line of Maldives – The Sunny Side of life comes alive in Emboodhu Island. One of the most popular tourist attractions of Maldives, Emboodhu Island is famous for its water villas. These villas are uniquely arranged in the shape of a flower making them look simply stunning from a distance. If you desire to get yourself pampered by an outstanding hospitality then this is the perfect place to be.  To do so, delve into the utmost luxury of Tax Exotica and its royal ambiance. The view of the Indian Ocean right from your hotel room will be a treat for your eyes, making Emboodhu Finolhu Island the most satisfying experience. Do not forget this luxury is incomplete unless you rejuvenate your soul with a relaxing spa massage.

Underwater Restaurants:
Maldives is one of the best destinations in the world to offer undersea dining options. The experience of witnessing colourful aquatic animals so close is simply remarkable. Made up of sparkling white glass these fine dine restaurants may dig a big hole in your pocket but are definitely worth the visit. From a five-course meal to an exotic breakfast to a lavish dinner offering classic cocktails these underwater restaurants will give you the best of culinary experience. Moreover, few of them even have an ambiance, which is themed on marine life. 

Below are a few of them to choose from:

1)Ithaa Restaurant
2)Undersea Restaurant

To sum up, Maldives is a perfect holiday destination for a short break and offers everything that a tourist would look for. For your next relaxation holiday head straight to Maldives and book in advance in order to take advantage of good rates. 



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