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Hongkong: Entertainment, food and shopping

Hongkong is a part of Chinese territory with a blend of cultural diversity. Majority of the population here is Cantonese. The place is known for its incredible skyline and huge skyscrapers. Almost a decade back Hongkong didn't feature as a preferred tourist destination, however now this destination has a lot more to offer its tourists. 

In case a European or US holiday is cutting a deep hole into your pocket, then I would recommend to settle with a Hongkong and Macau holiday. You will surely not regret!

Travel Period: 

1)Honkong is a year round destination, however best time is between Oct-Dec when the temperature is cool and pleasant
2) Avoid summers which is between May-Sept as it is quite hot and humid 

Currency: Hongkong Dollar (HKD)

Culture: Majority Cantonese along with Chinese, British and Jews

Start your trip with the amazing theme parks in the city.

Hongkong Disneyland: In case adventure, thrill and rides excites you, HKDL will make you go crazy. The rides are entertaining and thrilling. Kids will love the Disney characters. Do watch the characters parade in between or in the evening. 

TIP: Some of the rides are scary and bumpy. Dont eat a lot before taking this ride. Also do check the prerequisites before taking these rides.
Cost: HK$500-600 

Ocean Park: This is yet another theme park suitable for kids, adults and couples. It is marine and animal park along with some amusement rides. Some of the rides are Artic Blasts, Dragon, The Rapids etc. 

TIP: Ladies can enjoy shopping inside which has trendy jewelries, bags, souvenirs, cosmetics etc. 

Victoria Harbour: This is a natural scenic harbour situated in between Hongkong island and Kowloon surrounded by huge skyscrapers. You can take a ferry/cruise from one end to another and witness the beauty of the harbour in the evening. This attraction is also popular due to many Hollywood and Bollywood movies being shot there. 

TIP: Don't miss the amazing light and sound show every evening at 8.00 pm. It is considered as the worlds largest show. 

The Peak: The Peak tower is one of the most popular attractions of the city. It is also considered the highest point of Hongkong. The sky terrace of the tower offers breathtaking panoramic views of the city, which makes it a must visit attraction. Inside the tower there are some dazzling array of shops, amazing restaurants etc. One can definitely spend half a day on this attraction. 

Big Buddha: The Giant Big Buddha was built for the pilgrims to worship, however it has become a very popular tourist attraction. It is made up of Bronze and one needs to climb more than 250 steps to reach there. The best part is you can take the Ngong Ping cable car which not offers spectacular views of the statue but will also take you to the entrance of the steps. 

Wet Land Park: So if nature excits you, visit the Hongkong Park in the evening. The park is surrounded by the skyscrapers and has nature at its best. Inside the park you will see small waterfalls, streams, hear the beautiful birds chirping etc. Various species of birds migrate during winters, a must visit for bird lovers. 

Hongkong Museum of History: This museum helps is all about understanding the history of Hongkong, its culture and cultural heritage. 

Tip: In case you have shortage of time you can skip visiting this museum. Alternatively you can do a quick visit inside since it is free of cost.

Lan Kwai Fong: So folks when it is just too much to explore the city, its history and heritage, its time to explore the night life of the city. Lan Kwai Fong is a popular place for hangouts and parties. It has a gamut of restaurants, pubs and bars like Hard Rock Cafe. This place is an ideal place for youngsters wanting to enjoy the night life in the city. 

Shopping: Your trip is incomplete without shopping. You should always make it a point to visit the popular shopping areas where you can buy some amazing local stuff. Temple street night market is one such place where you can shop till you drop. The market is famous for some trendy gadgets, souvenirs, clothes, footwears, cheap watches etc. 

Transportation: In Hongkong the preferred mode of transport is the MTR. It is fast and cheap, however it is not advisable to use MTR during peak hours as it is insanely crowded. You can also try the hop on and hop off buses for city tour. Offcourse there are buses which can also be convenient. 

Food: Hongkong is also considered as one of the preferred tourist destination for its mouth watering cuisine. Some of the famous cuisines include wonton noodles, dim sum, tofu, pineapple bun etc. 

While this blog covers major attractions which should not be missed, there are few other attractions which can be explored in case you have spare time.
1) Clock Tower 
2) Golden Bauhinia Square 
3) Wong Tai Sin Temple 
4) Man Mo Temple 

Hongkong is a perfect destination with a blend of fun, entertainment, history and heritage. Therefore ideal for families having kids and even young couples. Hongkong should be clubbed with 3-4 days of Macau holiday. 
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  1. Nicely written. Hongkong is a descent place to travel at, which has economical public transportation there. And rightly said, its a good shopping destination :)

  2. Knowing history of hongkong with hongkong museum is always an fantasy