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Get natures treat in Kerala!

My blog on Munnar describes briefly on how to go about planning an exclusive Munnar trip. However this blog will give a detailed itinerary about Alleppey, Thekkady, Wayanad & Cochin. Kerala is truly a natures treat that provides a proof of Incredible India with a combination of nature, wild life, South India's traditional art, water sports and much more. 

Travel period: November to February
Airport: Cochin and Trivandrum 

Alleppey backwaters: The houseboat on the backwaters is one of the best tourist attractions of Kerala. Tourists throng here to experience the amazing houseboat cruise. While cruising on the Vembanad lake, experience the canals, paddy fields, small fishing villages, migratory birds etc. The cruise serves you with delicious Kerala meals which contains lot of coconut. While the houseboat is on a halt you can visit some temples, churches and villages which are on the banks of the river. 
TIP: The houseboat package doesn't include hard liquor, incase that's on your mind you will have to make your own arrangements. 

Thekkady: This place is known for its dense forest and wild life. The Pariyar wild life sanctuary is a famous tourist attraction. The forest is situated on the banks of river Pariyar. Visitors can take a boat ride to take a tour into the forest. Wild animals like Elephants, Leopards, Boars, Sambhar, Deer can be seen in the forest. However the most common animal seen is Elephant. 
Wayanad: This is yet another amazing tourist attraction in Kerala. Surrounded by greenery and mountains tourists throng here for a weekend break. Ideal to visit during summers, the place is known for homestays. Tall and green coconut trees around the place makes it fascinating for a tourist. It is also know for its paddy fields all around. 
TIP: This place is good for Trekking. Suitable in the month of August and September. 

Kochi: After visiting a good 4-5 days in the scenic locations of Kerala, you should spend couple of days in Kochi. Kochi is rich in culture and history. The history attached to this state will truly fascinate you. 
St. Francis Church: Kerala has a good amount of Catholic population. Therefore you will get to see beautiful Churches and Chapels on the way. Once such famous Church is St. Francis Church in the city. Start your Kochi day tour by visiting this Church. Feels quite divine when you enter. You can read the boards on the entrance which will give information about the history off this Church.   
Fort Kochi: After visiting the Church head straight to Fort Kochi which is 10-15 mins from there. This place is historical and known for Portuguese settlement. Take a walk on the banks of the sea to view the panoramic view of the place. 

TIP: Try the local cuisine in the local food joints. 

Chinese fishing nets: These nets can be seen in Fort Kochi. It is believed that Chinese nets are a gift by a Chinese King, making it the only other place which use these nets. These are special nets used for fishing. Its a very traditional method of fishing but used extensively in Fort Kochi. 
TIP: In order to see the technique, go close to these nets and see the fishermen using them. You can also try your hand in case you are keen. 

Santa Cruz Basilica: This is one the finest and ancient Cathedral of Kochi. Visited by tourists throughout the year it is one the popular tourist attraction. It is also one the eight Basilica's of India. Also considered as an heritage site, it is a true pride of Kochi. The artistic architecture and wall paintings is a must watch. 
Mattancherry Palace: It is also known as Dutch palace, it is a Portuguese Palace. It was built by Portuguese who later gifted it to Cochin. The murals on the wall are quite interesting.   

Jewish Synagogue: Synagogue is nothing but a Jewish Church. Jewish community existed in large number in Kochi. They considered Kochi as their second home after Israel. Therefore this beautiful synagogue was built up here. Once you enter you will notice the glass chandeliers on the top which look absolutely stunning. The interiors are also done so beautifully that you would love to spend time inside. A lot of tourists throng in and around this area as there are many continental food joints along with shopping areas. 
TIP: The Synagogue is closed for an hour in the afternoon so plan you visit accordingly. 

Marine Drive and walkway: This is very cool place in Kochi. Popular among tourists and locals, the place becomes very vibrant in the evening. There is a walkway close the harbour where you sit relax and watch the waters flow. If interested you can take a boat ride around. A must visit in the evening  after a hectic Kochi day tour.

Shopping: Kerala's traditional saree for women is famous nationally. The Kerala saree is cream in colour with a golden border and looks absolutely elegant after wearing it. Definitely a must try for women. Men should buy this as a gift for their wife, sister or mother.
There are various traditional shawls, souvenirs and home made handicrafts which are available in shops. You can try buying them in case it appeals you.

Dinning: Your trip isnt complete without having tasty local cuisine when on a holiday. Kerala is one tourist destination which has a lot to offer in terms of dining experience. Being a coastal region Kerala meal is full of sea food, grated coconut in vegetables and daal made with coconut oil. Get used to eating a lot of rice when in Kerala ☺

I hope you have enough and updated information to plan a Kerala holiday soon. And if it did, do follow this page and give you feedback in the comments section below. 


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  2. South india truly india. South India is a peninsula in the shape of an inverted triangle bound by the Arabian Sea on the west, by the Bay of Bengal on the east and Satpura range on the north. Nice write up on KERALA by the blogger.

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  4. Very useful to know this. Thanks a lot