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How to make the most of your Leh holiday?

Interested to enter a Paradise on earth? Then start planning a Leh & Ladakh trip soon. Well there is a lot which is said and written about this incredible destination, however experiencing it by yourself will give you a different high!
Leh & Ladakh which is in the northern part of India truly makes 'Incredible India'. The larger than life mountains, the clear skies, sparkling lakes and the one of its kind Tibetan culture will make you fall in love with this place.

Travel period: April to September
How to travel: Leh has good connectivity by air and by road
Adventure enthusiasts can take the bike route. Advisable to check weather and road condition
Travel Tip: You will need minimum one to two days to get acclimatised with the climatic condition

Pangong Lake: 
The Pangong lake is one of the best tourist destination in Leh. The scenic panoramic beauty will make your go awestruck. This is also considered as an ideal spot for camping. It has crystal blue water which adds up to its scenic beauty. You can witness some migrating birds in summer near this lake. The popularity has also gone up after the famous 3 idiots climax scene was shot here ☺
1) Carry enough warm clothes. Boating is not allowed here, therefore you can avoid carrying extra pair of clothes
2) In case you are planning to travel in winters and you want to get adventurous you can try ice skating
3) permissions required

Nubra Valley:
The journey to Nubra Valley through Khardungla pass is simply breathtaking. The sand dunes of Nubra valley offers a desert like experience to tourists. You can also see a wide spread of colourful flowers during summers and autumn. The best part is the two humped Camel ride which is quite famous the tourists.

TIP: Visit the near by villages to get a scenes of the local culture. You can also try the local cuisine

Kargil: It is a must visit while on a Leh trip. It is on the Line of Control facing Pakistan. This can be a good place for camping.

Khardung-La Pass: 
This yet another picturesque place in Leh to visit. It is on a high altitude and the journey till there is simply amazing. It is considered as the highest motor able road which also takes you to Nubra valley. Since its a valley an on a high altitude the whether is bad lot of times. A must visit for adventure junkies!

1) There is no accommodation here. You either stay in a tent if that is comfortable or travel back to Leh
2) carry enough food and water to keep hydrated 
3) Do check the climatic conditions before travelling 

Magnetic hill: 
Well this is one of the unusual sight I have ever noticed. The reason behind such a name is its property to take a static car up the hill. It is also said the aircraft travelling on top also increases its altitude when passing from this point. Initially we felt it is some kind of magic, however after talking to few locals we figured that it is due to its optical illusion which makes the car looks going upwards.
Amazing isin't it? Do Not Miss a visit here.
Shanti Stupa:                          
This is one of the iconic monument which is close to the Leh city. It has a white dome shaped structure which was built by Japanese Buddhist as a mark of peace between Japan and Ladakh. Since this is on a hilly area the view from this Stupa is simply mesmerising. The night view is extremely amazing since the Stupa gets illuminated from all sides. A must visit sight when in Leh. 

Tso Moriri Lake: 
Yet another picturesque lake to explore in this beautiful paradise. Moriri lake is on a high altitude and will give you an adventurous journey till you reach there. After reaching the lake looks quite amazing with all the gigantic hills and mountains surrounding it.
TIP: This lake is quite similar to Pangong lake. So you can skip it in case time is a constraint 

Monasteries: You can explore the beautiful and divine monasteries of and spend some time inside. Some of them are:
1) Spituk Monastery
2) Diskit Monastery
3) Lamayuru Monastery
4) Shey Monastery etc
If hills, mountainous and lakes are enough and you are feeling tired travelling the whole day I would suggest to take a break for a day or half and indulge in some local and Tibetan shopping. Some items which would interest you are:
Jewellery, souvenirs,local handicrafts, wall hangings, prayer wheel, pashmina shawls etc.

So friends, I believe this blog will help you plan a minimum of 7-10 day holiday in Leh. This place is so beautiful & scenic that you will surely feel sad returning back to your hometown. However this experience will make you smile and cherish the memories for lifestime. Lastly do consult your family physician before you plan your visit.

Do write your comments below :) 

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