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Imagica: The THEMAGIC!

If words like adventure, thrill, roller coaster rides etc excites you, then 'Imagica', is the place for you. Located in Khopoli which in between Mumbai and Pune, this is one place suitable for families with kids, young adults, couples etc. It is inspired from Disneyland and Universal Studios. If you have visited any of these and want to experience something similar in India then IMAGICA is the place.

1) Since the park is quite big you need to start early so that you can cover most of the rides by the end of the day 
2) If possible try and avoid public holidays as it would be too crowded. To your surprise, you might even get cheap tickets

3) Wear comfortable clothes as some of the rides are really scary where too tight outfit can make you feel uncomfortable 
4) Carry a pair of extra outfit as there are chances of getting wet in some of the water rides. 
5) Apply sufficient amount of sunscreen and carry sunglasses as major part of the theme park is open to the sky, with no shelter.

Family rides: These are absolute fun rides and can be experienced by all. They are not very scary so you can enjoy the most. Listing down some of these.

I for India: Quite a fun ride and very interesting. The ride goes until one level (not so high) and stops giving a wonderful experience about the culture of India and history.

Mambo Chai Chama: This ride is like a tea cup wherein it goes in circle inside the hall. You can move the stear to make the ride go faster.

TIP: Rolling the stear fast can make you feel little dizzy after the ride. So ride it as per your comfort 

Mr. India ride: This ride is made up with a simulation technology along with 4D effect which is a different experience altogether. The story is based upon the very famous Mr. India Bollywood movie which is very well animated. The famous characters of the movie eg. Mogambo, Hawa Hawaii etc are artistically integrated here. Its an absolute fun to experience this ride.

Some of the other rides are:
- Alibaba aur Chalis Chor
- Rajasaurus adventure
- Salimgarh
- The Detective Bow Wow show
- Wrath of the Gods

Adventure rides: This was and is my most amazing experience in any theme park. If thrill and adventure excites you, you are surely going to freak out on this one.

TIP: Do not over eat before starting these rides. 

Nitro: Wohhhhh how should I describe this ride. Infact all these rides are beyond defining and one has to experience it to get the feel. This ride is a roller coaster ride and gets into different inversions and loop. You may even get a feeling of skipping a beat between these loops. A must visit ride.  

Scream machine: This ride is like a pendulum which goes slow in the beginning and picks up pace later, making it swing fast and high in altitude. Such is the speed and height that it will make you scream at the top of your voice. It a such a crazy ride that you may want to take it one more time 😊

Dare to Drop: Yet another crazy ride. This ride will shoot you up at the highest point and then drop you down with a free fall. That one moment is the most amazing moment of this ride.  

Deep Space: Unlike the other rides this ride is in a dome and will take you into the galaxy space. This ride will drive you crazy as it doesn't give you any time to settle in. Moment you try and compose yourself it will just zip you through the ride going straight and in circles giving a glance of the space. The best part of this ride is its quite dark inside so you cant really see anything around you. For someone loving thrill, there has to be a ONCE MORE 😊

Well if you are travelling with kids there some very good rides for the kids here too. These are simple and fun rides. I am sure the kids will have a great time here.

1) Humpty's fall 
2) Wagon-O-Wheel 
3) The Magic Carousel etc 



  1. Thanks for valuable information. I Drive daily by same route and drop almost 30 passengers near to the imagica in 1 month. Ek passenger ne is site ke baare me bataya. Unka naam mai bhul gaya. But after that i gave over this information on imagica rides to 7-8 passengers and this website detail. Siddharth, Ola