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Can London become your next budget holiday?

London has been one of my favorite cities ever since I visited 10 years back. Few things which I liked the most was its climate, rich historical culture, recreational parks, well connected trains, and some world class attractions. I however cannot forget its night life and the most amazing shopping areas.
Well, to achieve all of this you will definitely have to dig a big hole in your pocket as London is notoriously expensive. Therefore I would suggest you to plan well in advance in case this destination is on your mind. The blog is guide for all the free attractions as well as paid ones which are worth visiting. Start planning your holiday ☺

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TIP for a budget holiday: 
1) Get an accommodation at some relative or a friends place(if it is possible)
2) Try and stay at a PG, hoste or Air B&B
3) Carry sufficient amount of food & snacks 
My first day in the city started with attractions which can be explored free, followed by the must see paid attractions, night life hang out places and some shopping. 

1) Big Ben: This is one of the oldest and iconic towers of London. Since this is in the city itself  you can notice a lot of hustle bustle in and around this place. The place is usually very crowded as it is very popular among tourists. There is a huge giant like bell inside and the clock outside the tower right at the top is its highlight point. Lot of Bollywood movies are shot at this location. 

2) Buckingham Palace: This is the most famous address of London for centuries. The palace is home of the 'Queen of London'. The best attraction is the change of Guard which happens daily in summers around 11.30 am. The view of the parade is simply amazing. Tourists throng here in huge numbers just to get a glimpse. The palace is off Hyde Park wherein you can relax for a while before heading to the next destination.
3) Tower Bridge: Yet another iconic piece of London and a popular spot for movies. This artistic bridge looks incredible from a distance especially in the night. It overlooks the themes river and opens up when a big vessel passes through it. You can simply take a walk on the bridge in the evening and admire its beauty. There is an option of going on the top for a better view, however according to me one gets a 360 view of the entire bridge form the elevated corridor next to it. 
An evening cruise in the Themes river is possible in case that interests you.

4) St. Paul's Cathedral: This is one the most beautiful Church in  London. Closer to the Thames river the giant like dome on the top is a marvel in itself. Take the entry fee to head straight on the top to experience some incredible views of the city and the Thames river. A lot of high profile weddings take place in this Church. 
5) London Eye: This attraction is closer to Big Ben and near the Thames river. Unlike the previous historical attractions, London eye is quite entertaining. It is more so like a giant wheel which rotates very slowly giving a 360 view of the city.The view from the top of the wheel is quite stunning. Since the wheel doesn't rotate too fast even kids and senior citizens can experience this unless someone has acrophobia.

TIP: This attraction has an entry fee, however I would suggest to experience this if you are a first timer. 

6) Windsor Castle: It is located in the heart of the city and is one of the oldest and largest castles of the world. The castle has a long walk of approx. 3 miles with nice greenery all along. It is considered as the second home of the Queen and has a royal history and some antique furnishings inside.

TIP: The entry fee is approx. GBP 20
7) Trafalgar Square: Well this is a nice and vibrant place in the city. You will notice couple of statues and structures created close by. It is also surrounded by museums, galleries, historic places etc here. In the evening you may find some entertaining acts performed by artists. Therefore it is advisable to spend some time here and sit to the elevated stairs in the evening.

8) Madame Tussauds: This is a wax museum of famous personalities and it the most popular tourist attraction in London. It offers a complete family entertainment as clicking pictures with these biggies is absolute fun. You will find the waxworks of personalities of The Queen, David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, Tom Cruise, Usain Bolt, Johnny Depp, Micheal Jackson including various Bollywood Personalities like Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan, Madhuri Dixit etc. The tickers for can booked online.

TIP: The museum is quite big so you to need to cover it fast without spending much time in any one section. Spend around 2-3 hours here and proceed for your tour. 

9) Piccadilly Circus: Finally your holiday cannot complete without exploring the night life, while you shake your leg on some peppy nos. 👚👛. The large billboard and neon signs are pretty huge which is makes it compared to the Times Square of New York. This is a usually busy street as there are a lot of restaurants, cafes, shopping areas, bars etc which are flocked by tourists and locals regularly.

TIP: Visit this street in the evening to see the lights glitter and feel the vibrancy of this place. 

London makes a perfect holiday destination. Its vibrancy and diversity becomes a great package for all kinds of visitors. The experience is so welcoming that you might be tempted to plan another visit soon. 

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  1. Snehal pande-karmalkar10 October 2017 at 23:07

    Madame Tussauds museum is one sweet memory that i wish to have. Illustrious write-up. thanks

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  3. London in budget is quite an enlightenment. Very useful article.

  4. Windor Castle is a 30 minute train ride out of London from Paddington and is not in the heart of the city. Definitely worth timing your arrival beofre the changing of the guard which is not very day outside the summer holiday period. Don't forget to leave enough time to get from the train station to the castle.