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Can London become your next budget holiday?

London has been one of my favorite cities ever since I visited 10 years back. Few things which I liked the most was its climate, rich historical culture, recreational parks, well connected trains, and some world class attractions. I however cannot forget its night life and the most amazing shopping areas.
Well, to achieve all of this you will definitely have to dig a big hole in your pocket as London is notoriously expensive. Therefore I would suggest you to plan well in advance in case this destination is on your mind. The blog is guide for all the free attractions as well as paid ones which are worth visiting. Start planning your holiday ☺

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TIP for a budget holiday: 
1) Get an accommodation at some relative or a friends place(if it is possible)
2) Try and stay at a PG, hoste or Air B&B
3) Carry sufficient amount of food & snacks 
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Udaipur: A blend of Divine, Nature and Heritage!!

If Rajasthan is on your mind, then Udaipur cannot me missed. Commonly referred as the Lake City, Udaipur city is famous for its lakes, palaces, forts, temples etc. This city is also very culturally rich wherein one can see a lot of festivals celebrated around the year. 

TIP: You need to have minimum of 6-7 days to explore Udaipur completely. 
Travel Period: October-March 
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