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Magnificent Bali: A destination that cannot be missed!

Beautiful, enchanting, breath-taking & scintillating are some the adjectives which comes to my mind when I think about Bali. Commonly referred as Island of the Gods, Bali is known for its diverse landscape of hills and mountains, volcanoes, beautiful coastline of its beaches, deeply rooted culture and some eclectic shopping. In short Bali is surely the hidden gem of South East Asia.

Travel Period: April-October. Rest of the year it rains in Bali 
Currency: Indonesian Rupiah
No. of days needed: 6-7days
Culture: Bali has a mix culture of Balinese Hindus and Buddhist  

Bali is a very popular honeymoon destination, however it is suitable for families having young kids too. Swimmers, surfers, divers and adventure seekers will have the time of their life while they keep hopping from one beach to anther. While for those who dont really get excited with water should not get disappointed either. The place has so much to offer that you may feel the need of one more vacation in Bali soon. 

TIP: Bali can be explored as a standalone destination and/or can also be clubbed with Singapore or Malaysia, if you have more days in hand 

Benoa Beach Water Sports: Since you are on an island, I recommend starting your tour by exploring water sport activities. This beach is known for its aquatic adventure and for its wide range of water sports. Here you can do Scuba Diving (which was one of my favorite), banana boat ride, parasailing, fly fish, Jet Ski, donut boat etc. Remember you dont need to be a swimmer for trying all these. 

TIP: Spend half a day here and proceed for another sightseeing. Do not forget to carry an extra pair of dress and footwear 

Uluwatu temple: In the evening, visit the Uluwatu temple built on top of the cliff, where you can also enjoy the beautiful view of the sunset. Don't miss the Kecak and Fire Dance here, which is its USP. The story is inspired from Ramayana where Hanumana sets fire to the kingdom of Lanka. Click some snaps with these well dressed characters. 

White Water Rafting: This was my 'The Most Amazing' experience, purely because I did rafting for the first time. You will get to see the spectacular view of the Ayung River and its surrounding areas. One need not be a swimmer for rafting. It is completely safe and can be enjoyed by kids, youths and older people. The river is bumpy at certain places and the splash of water all over your body is simply breathtaking. A must visit activity in Bali.

Bali Safari and Marine Park:

Balinese SPA: This is another thing which you cannot miss when in Bali. After the hectic water sports activity I would suggest to do the SPA session for couple of hours. The entire experience is like heaven on earth and it will rejuvenate you. There are SPAs all over Bali and you will have to choose as per your budget. For honeymooners you can take a couple massage package too. 
Cruise by Bounty: As the sun goes down, just set off on a relaxing cruise around the harbour. Experience the nice cool breeze on the upper deck and spend some memorable moments with your spouse or family. The cruise also has nice entertainment lined up for the guests right from dramas, dance, disco etc. Definitely a treat for all age groups especially for the honeymooners.
Kintamani Volcano: This place is simply beautiful and will help you observe Bali and its locales closely. The volcano on the hills can be clearly seen and its scenic beauty is worth seeing. You can also visit the coffee farm to see how the coffee beans are made.
Visit the Batubulan village for traditional Batik and hand weaving's. Bali is know for its wooden carvings, be it furniture or some unique antics. Don't forget to pick up some wooden artefacts for your personal use. Post that you should visit the Ubud village which is again famous for its shopping elements. 
Bali as a destination is not too expensive and can be self managed since language is not a problem. Locals are quite friendly and helpful. Their hospitality towards its tourists makes it one of preferred travel destinations. Start planning your Bali holiday soon :)  


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