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A Week in Singapore!

Experience the mesmerizing views of Singapore
Singapore is one destination, which is one of my favorite and can become yours too after reading this blog!

  • Singapore can be explored all by yourself, without the help of a guide or a tour operator 
  • Language is not a problem as English is widely spoken, except in few places 
  • Vegetarians will have limited options but you will definitely find one in every area  
  • Public transport is extremely good, so no need to book a cab/private transport 
The vibes start moment you land at the Changi International Airport. The most eyecathing feature of the airport is the moving walkway which is atypical and gives you a great experience. The airport is quite huge, however it can be easily navigated due to its clear signage’s at strategic locations. It is also one of my favorite airports. 
1) Don’t forget to pick up the small brochures and tourism leaflets kept at each corner. They have a lot of important information about the city, shopping, eating joints, transport modes etc.
2) In case you have a long layover here, there are ample of facilities inside to explore viz: shopping & dinning, movie theatre etc. 

Day 1: For me it was doing nothing in particular, settling in hotel and making good friends with hotel staff and reception. Believe me you will end up getting a good amount of info from them.

Hotel Tip: Avoid spending too much on hotel as majority of the time you will be out exploring the city.

Day 2: The first thing I explored was the Jurong Bird Park. This park is simply amazing and brings you close to the nature. You can cover the Zoo, Bird Park and the night safari in one day.
Tip: If you are too tired exploring the zoo in the day time, you can skip the night safari. Here animals are shown from a distance and chances are you may see only few.

Day 3: Universal Studios: This is my favorite amongst all the attractions. The theme park is magnificent, well- managed and is a must go. It will take one full day to complete all the rides. Don’t miss the Transformers, Mummy returns, Jurassic Park, and the roller coaster rides. They are just out of this world ! 
Tip: Eat very little during the day as the rides are quite bumpy at times. This will keep you energetic all the while. For vegetarians there are very few vegeterian options, so I suggest carrying some snacks and water along with you.

Day 4: Sentosa is another island resort which is close to the Universal studios. This can be a good option if you just want to relax and enjoy the atmosphere around the beach.
Tip: If you have explored Universal Studious, I would recommend skipping this as you may find it repetitive.

Day 5: Marina Bay Sands is an iconic tower. If in Singapore you surely have to explore this resplendent hotel. The roof top virtually gives a birds eye view of entire city. The best part is the infinity pool on the roof top. 
TIP: To use the pool you need to the guest of the hotel. 

You can explore Gardens by the Bay in the second half. The Garden Rhapsody is a show which is held every evening. The entire area is so beautifully lit, it really energizes you. I would highly recommend to go for it.

Day 6: Clarke Quay: This place is next to the riverside, with an amazing view. I also enjoyed the river cruise. Just indulge yourself in the live music along with some drinks and tasty food. A must visit after a hectic day.
Shopping: How can you visit Singapore without the exploring the famous shopping area. Singapore is also known for some good shopping eg. electronics, cosmetics & apparels.

Orchard Road: If you are looking at branded products then this is the perfect place to shop. From electronics to cosmetics to branded apparels to accessories, everything is at your perusal. If you are looking at some road shopping China town and Little India are the places to go to.
Little India is in Serangoon road, the places where Indians stay, sell and work. This place is famous for Indian shopping like clothes, souvenirs, jewellery and most importantly Indian food.
I would recommend visiting Mustafa shopping center where you will get every possible thing on the earth. It is however crowded and you will have to find your way out.
Eating: Well, since I am a vegetarian I had very minimal options to explore. Although vegeterian is available everywhere, Little India is the place where you will find ample of vegetarian options. 

Transport: According to me this is one of the most important thing to keep in mind while on a holiday. Transport options if explored and understood well, can save a lot of money. Singapore is known for its good & disciplined transport system. Singapore MRT is well connected and the map is self-explanatory. Just take these trains wherever you are and explore the entire city. 
Of course you have the option of buses and taxis too, but I personally advice taking the MRT. It does help!
Singapore, apart from being a business hub, has also established itself as one of the top tourist destinations of the world. With great hospitality towards its tourists and convenient transport system this destination should definitely be in your bucket list.

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